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The Rebel - Alexei

As a rebel who refuses to be associated with the confinement of society, Alexei lives his life as a loner with frequent run-ins with the mafias. Being a free spirited artist, he drives his bike into the depths of the jungle during the early days of ‘The Deformed’ invasion. With fearless characteristics and armed with Soviet guns, he fought The Deformed along the way and sometimes offered assistance when he felt like it.

“The only way to survive in a confined world is to become absolutely liberated that your very presence becomes an act of defiance.”

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The Orphan -Sophia

An orphan, who lost her parents in World War 2. She was shipped off to an orphanage in Russia where she met a kind Orphan Keeper. Unfortunately, Sophia lost her too during the cataclysm. After being infected by the Symbion, Sophia went on a mission to save all the other kids in other orphanages or camps from being infected or killed by ‘The Deformed’. Her personality is immature, girly, and irrational, and she has an aura of innocence. Yet, she becomes lethal when other children are in danger.

“There’s a deadly side veiled beneath her angelic face.”

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The Outsider - Alberte

This legendary being of great stature and strength is gifted with a gentle heart. His superior physical stature due to being a product of a science experiment often makes him difficult to fit in. In spite of that, he is a great saver of humanity from troubles and despair, devoting his life to the service of humanity and their well-being. He's also one of the founding members of the RedShield Universe, the reason for the existence of 'RedShield Societies'.

“Real strength does not just come from a condition of one’s muscle but kindness in one’s spirit.”

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The Seer - Pachu’a

Pachu'a is a well-reputed seer among the Hopi tribe with the knowledge of history, genealogy and ancient poetry and magic. Since the age of five, he has possessed the supernormal knowledge of a particular future event, usually foreseeing the occurrence unfolding in his dreams. Now that he had predicted the world-engulfing Cataclysm, he is torn between saving the rest of the world from destruction and leading his true purpose of protecting his tribe.

“It is only when your body returns to the ground, you begin to remember that this Earth does not belong to you. Instead, it is you who belongs to the Earth.”

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Project Roadmap

  1. Q3 2022 Now • Launching of Genesis S Collection
    • Private Token Sales
  2. Q4 2022 Milestone 1 • Introducing Shelters (RS Land)
    • Staking of NFTs for in-game rewards
    • Launching of Genesis E Collection
    • Introducing Battle Mechanism
  3. Q1 2023 Milestone 2 • Game open for beta registration
    • Launching of Genesis X Collection
    • Public testnet launch
  4. Q2 2023 Milestone 3 • Launching of Genesis Y Collection
    • Token generation event - TGE
    • Initial Dex Offering - IDO
  5. Q3 2023 Milestone 4 • Game official launch
    • Tournament launch
    • Mainnet launch

*Please note roadmap sequence is indicative, events might shift

Customisable Champions Allowing Unlimited Replayability

Once you’ve obtained a Champion, it can be customised to your heart’s content. You can unlock Champions from various tiers in different looks as you play the game and modify the Champions’ body parts with different Symbions. The additional features ranging from skills, playstyle, and aesthetics allow for maximum creative freedom and replayability value for gamers.

*symbion branches available determined based on character draw

Symbions play a crucial role in your Champion’s evolution

Each Champion can upgrade their skills with 3 different levels of Symbion enhancement with different affinity, depending on their character potential. The greater the skill upgrades, the higher the cost to use the skill. Choose wisely to balance out your Champions strategically!

There aren’t best Champions, only BETTER ones…

Unlimited permutation with 7 game character tiers, 18 strategic modifiers for each of the 5 unique skills of the Champion and 100+ skill tree slots!

The value of your NFTs solely depends on YOU!

RedShield Games has prioritised creating a challenging gameplay environment, where the value of an NFT is added by the gamers’ character customisation skills, not the other way around. Your tactics or strategic decisions in battle and Champion upgrades make them more potent and valuable. NFTs of great value in the game could earn you money when traded in the marketplaces.

Looking for early pioneers to rebuild the land.​

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